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Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold

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Great colab work between the piano and pads

There was a whole slew of moments that had me saying "oh snap". If anything the song was too short. But here is what is really strong:
Introduction: nice subtle build up, foreshadows the beats to come, good consistency.
Middle: 1:04 huge strong point in your change of rhythm and its coordination with the bass. But six seconds? Come on man, you have to hold the mood off longer than that. We're just starting to get warmed up to this isolated sensation and you rush the bass to bring us back to where we've been. Leave us by ourselves a bit longer with the just the piano and bass. Make your audience sit and stew, then have them beg to be put back into the "mainstream" of the song after their focus is developed. Thats when you give it them my friend.
At the end of 1:29 you implement this concept nicely, though staggered, until the close of the song.
The End: Which rounded off nicely, but I feel like I could have been taken further. Since I don't feel the song went as far as it could have, I don't have this grand sense of closure at the end of your song, no feeling of accomplishment (songs can deliver this sensation, especially Techno/Trance!!!!).

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Michael425 responds:

Thank you for the lengthy review man.

This will help me become a better artist.

I will try to make my songs longer, with better organization, and longer sequences between different sections.

I'm glad you liked it.

"Never Forget" v.2 "Never Forget" v.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

When the piano solo came in I was hooked

A little different, possibly because of its darker heavier portrayal and sounds. However, def. an awesome production. Very redemptive in the way that you use the piano and strings. I get this sense of struggle, survival, and even perseverance. Excellent! The more I listen, the more I like!

Keep up the good work.